Camacha Cardina Museum

The workaday village of Camacha in the northern part of the island is home to a curious attraction, the Cardina Museum. The museum is the product of the personal passion of José Cardina. Fascinated by the artefacts of Porto Santo’s past, Cardina began not only to collect them, but to make beautiful working 1:5 scale models of artisans’ implements. He also fashioned maquettes of the many natural water fountains on the island – preserving a complete picture of those that were neglected and falling into disrepair. The museum itself is an octagon, built around a life-size wooden windmill, of the sort that were once found all over the island. In alcoves around the walls you’ll find a vast collection of antique tools and farming implements, and the models are similarly ranged on a mezzanine floor. Cardina has single-handedly preserved an aspect of Porto Santo that was long ignored, in the nick of time, just before much of it was lost forever.

Open Wednesday 14h30-18h30, Thursday-Saturday10h30-12h30 and 14h30-18h30. Closed public holidays.

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