Porto Santo Island Tourist Destination Guide

Porto Santo is one long beach with a bit of an island attached. Along its nine kilometres of soft white sands, you’ll find just a handful of hotels and restaurants, making Porto Santo one of the last ‘undiscovered’ resorts in Europe.

Part of the Portuguese archipelago that includes the island of Madeira – in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Africa – Porto Santo offers a superb chance to get away from it all. Its volcanic sands have long been held to have curative powers for all manner of aches and ills.

Yet ‘getting away from it all’ need not mean ‘doing nothing at all’. The island boasts a first-rate international golf course; the rugged interior is a fine setting for energetic walks, and there’s horse-riding, diving, game-fishing and all manner of other diversions to be found. There’s an intriguing touch of history, too, as Porto Santo's capital, Vila Baleira was once home to none other than Christopher Columbus. And it is easy to get to, either by ferry from Madeira, or by plane to its newly enlarged international airport.

Porto Santo is just one of the glorious destinations listed in the Portugal Guide, which includes in-depth information on all the places to see in this fascinating country.

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